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Garden and Landscape Management

The garden and landscape management service is offered to help you plan your garden. A full design service is not always required, but some help with planning your space is. Consultation sessions to plan and manage your garden into your style, help with structure and planning over a short period or long term basis of 3-10 years.

This service offers you consulatation sessions, looking at the garden as a whole or just parts which need working on. Offering plans for garden maintenance, work schedules and project management. Sometimes with the need for planting design for choice borders. Possibly working with an existing gardener or team, and creating a plan which they can follow to create the garden you require.

The garden management service is ideal if you have just moved to a new house and the garden needs some re-structuring to fit with your style and needs.

It is also useful if planning an event and help is required for temporary planting suggestions, plant positioning and colour schemes.

Also useful offering consultation for the planning of outside eating areas, cafes, pubs and pop-up events. Planning the space to look attractive and create a safe eating environment using plants and colour schemes.

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